Wegner adopts Microsoft Copilot to reduce turn-around time and increase value

By cwegner, 17 February, 2024

When Wegner Law PLLC reopened in January 2024, P. Christopher Wegner, Managing Attorney, made artificial intelligence a top priority. Having worked with several clients in the field, Chris had firsthand experience of the power this technology can bring to a law firm.

With the help of those same clients, Chris incorporated Microsoft’s Copilot into most of the firm’s workflow. While taking great care to ensure the software protected client and firm data, Chris chose to use the technology only for non-sensitive document drafting and retrieval. As a result, the firm can take advantage of the technology to increase efficiency without exposing sensitive client information to any potential risk.

Less than a week after setting up the new software, Wegner Law PLLC was already reaping many of the benefits that A.I. offers. These benefits are already being passed along to clients in the form of faster turnaround times, more complete work products, and significantly reduced legal bills.

To learn how great attorneys, together with great technology, can help your business, contact P. Christopher Wegner at 239.449.9200 or cwegner@wegnerlawfirm.com.

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